The Shy Yes and 30 Leads in 30 Days For Your Martial Arts Business

So I’ve drilled on this before.

But here’s the thing… this is to your online marketing like working your jabs, crosses, hooks, round and side kicks are to your training.

Extremely fundamental. In fact so important that if you miss this (like having bad basics) everything else falls apart.

Of course, we’re talking about  getting the most out of the one tool – that when done right – can work for you 24/hours a day, seven days per week.

Your school’s marketing website.

So the shy yes…

Understanding that 99% of all your good prospects go through some sort of progression before they enroll in your school is key.

Whether they walk in – and ask a few questions, then schedule their intro or they call you or find you online. They all go down a path before they enroll.

Most “school paths” are really inadequate.

But to help you a little…

Your path starts with a “shy yes.” The shy yes opens the door.

So the question is what are you going to do to generate some shy yes responses?

We have some clients using reports and audios we’ve created. We have others using videos that we’ve helped with. Done right, coupons and discounts work too.

Whatever you choose, please give it some thought.

Now, on the 30 leads in 30 days thing…

here’s a quick reprint of an email I got this morning.

It was about Google Ranking – A New Squeeze Page and Some AWESOME results…

Take it away Talib…


Hello Mike & Elsa,

seems like Google has changed how it displays its results for good now, and we are at the top (where we belong 😉

However, the organic listing isn’t where it used to be.

Regarding the squeeze page I do own the domain name norwichmartialarts when can we get cracking on that?

FYI: we had 47 qualified leads last month, 30 from the new website alone!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




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