the story of how I stumbled across and amazing martial arts marketing guarantee

Last night I interviewed my good friend and email marketing wiz Ben Settle.

Even though the interview was all about email marketing for schools I stumbled across some pure gold talking to him. I’ll explain in a second…

On the itnerview we covered…

How to get started with email marketing– tips for getting new students via email – how to really utilize auto-responders and most importantly how to “Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb” in your prospect’s in box and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Believe me, I’ve interviewed Ben 3 times for our program and he’s the only guest who has ever been invited back 3 times – so take my word for it when I tell you he know his **ish (and he makes it fun too).

The recording will be posted to our Martial Arts Business System Member area within the next couple of days.

But it’s funny because while the session was mainly about email marketing – Ben knocked it out of the park when he gave us (in my opinion) one of greatest guarantees I have ever heard for a martial arts school.

Now, I’ve been around the block…

I’ve heard all the guarantees before and they suck compared to the one Ben gave us.

These are the one’s we’ve all heard…

“The Gold Belt Guarantee” – that is…

“If by the time you reach gold belt you are not absolutelyy blown away by the benefits you’ve received from our program we will cancel your membership, yada, yada” – Something like that.

Then- … “The 30 Day Guarantee”

“Get started on our program – if at the end of 30 days you are not satisfied, we’ll cancel your membership and give you a refund.”

There are more of course, but I can tell you the one guarantee Ben and I discussed trumps them all.

Since it was so good I decided to take an hour or so today and smooth out the rough edges so schools can begin using it if they want to.

For our members we send out a member only email update about 3 to 4 days per week.

So in tomorrow’s member only update I’m gonna send out the guarantee.

I’m also re-working my own Martial Arts Business System Gold guarantee based on this one too.

Right now – my guarantee is OK – It’s…

“try the program for 30 days for just a buck with no strings – on day 25 we’ll send you an email reminding you you’re coming to the end of the trial. If at that time you really don’t feel this program can dramatically help you – simply press reply and you’re out.

That’s OK- but could be better.

Anyway – if you want access to our member only program and a ton of stuff to make your school more fun, help you recruit more new students and add some smackeroos to the bottom line here’s where you can go…

Activate Your Trial Program

Talk to you soon,

Mike D. (Martial Arts Business System and Martial Arts Business Websites)