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In this episode I’m brining you a clip of an interview I did with Persuasion and Body Language Expert Kevin Hogan. (When you hear his introduction you’ll know why this is a special episode!)


http://www.mabizsecretsociety.com/mp3/podcastkhogan.mp3  ß Listen Here!



In the short time it takes you to listen in you’ll discover….


  • The BIG Difference between Successful Self Promotion and Turning People Off!


  • The Secret Words That Breakdown Resistance


  • How to Successfully Present Your Flaws So That You Easily Build Trust with Your Prospects.


  • The Ultimate Shortcut in the Decision Making Process


  • How to Persuade Someone in 8 Minutes or Less



Click the link below to listen to our latest episode of…


“A Blast of Brutal and Simple Honesty About The Martial Arts Business”



http://www.mabizsecretsociety.com/mp3/podcastkhogan.mp3  ß Listen Here!



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