variables for effective martial arts business internet marketing

If you’re a good martial arts business instructor you know how many little variables go into a great class for your students…

Tone of voice and ability to fluctuate it.

How animated you are (depending on your students of course).

The right combination of stern and loving.

Structure of the class.


Dealing with the un-expected.

The ability to bring them back into focus when they drift.

Increasing their energy so it increases yours.

How you use assistant instructors and helpers.

I could really go on here. Of course how you teach effects every aspect of your martial arts business success.

I am sure you can add a few and have your own opinion about the make up of a good class.

And just like so many variables make up a great martial arts class for your students – a ton of variables make up an effective online marketing strategy for your school.

If you want to generate leads for your martial arts school using internet marketing – the right ingredients are key.

Miss one or slack a little on any one ingredient and your martial arts business will lose students.

Just one example. Your site may “look great” but no one gets their because your “web guy” was not aware of the ton of changes that have effected local search marketing in the last year.

Or, the site does come up and people do find it. But the design and layout are so poor they quickly click off.

Anyway – just be aware of the “ingredients” and you can’t help but cook up some success.