Water Slides and growing your martial arts business

Yesterday Jamie and I took the girls to the Whale’s Tale water park up in the While Mountain region of the “Live Free or Die State.” It’s about a 40 minute drive north from where we live in the Lakes Region.

Julia is five (a big five). – She’s about 47 inches (just tall enough to slide on the big slides). Rissa is four ( a normal size four) so there are few slides she can’t go on.

Jamie and I wanted the girls to push their limits and expand their comfort zones. We all had a blast because Rissa went on every slide she was allowed to by the rules. Julia went on every side in the place except one with a drop into about 8 feet of water. (No big deal, we’ll do that one next year).

Get Sliding

Once the girls got over their initial hesitation and got some “small successes” under their belts there was really no stopping them. The momentum just kept on going. Julia didn’t even want to stop for lunch or a snack.

Marketing your school to make it more successful, bring in more students and keep more of your current ones is the same way.

It’s no fun just sliding on the kiddie slides.

If you’re not currently 100% thrilled with the results you’re getting from your school you might want to start doing some new, fun and different things to bring in students.

Couple ideas for you…

Special Event Attendance Fading? There are funny and odd holidays that tie in perfectly to special events. When you use these the right way students find it hard to resist showing up

Having trouble getting in to local schools and organizations? A different approach that makes you almost irresistible and not “commercial” will work wonders.

Ever see some local business on TV (or worse, your competitor) and know it should be you too? Just give the media a fun segment idea and they’ll be more likely to book you.

Print Marketing not paying off? A few shifts of wording, offers and principles to stand out can really boost your response.

Website just sitting there? Adding compelling opt-in offers and “bribes” to visitors to take the next step will cure a website that’s not producing.

The fact is once you start sliding in the direction of adding a few more things to your schools marketing, and more importantly, improving what you’re already doing, your school will grow faster and you’ll have fun in the process.

For a ton of proven ways to grow your school this fall, including…

  • Special Events to bring in referrals
  • Community Involvement that’s a win-win
  • and Other forms of Marketing that make the phone ring

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