What Moms Do When They Look For A School

Over the weekend Jamie and I had a bunch of families over the house to enjoy some fatty meet on the grill, a few beers (not the kids of course), the pool and the water slide. Some of them were neighbors and others were from Julia and Marissa’s dance class.

One of the moms (the one you’ll see in the video) got to talking about martial arts and how she was thinking about enrolling her son and daughter in classes.

So I started to probe a little and asked her “how she was going about her search?”

She responded  – “The internet of course!”

As I probed a little it was painfully obvious that so many schools really drop the ball when it comes to their sites.

I mean here’s a true to life mom who is looking for a school telling me what pissed her off about these sites and how “UN-impressive 90% of them were!”

Of course- I said– “we’re gonna get you on video!”

Actually, this mom’s really not shy so it didn’t take much convincing on my end.

So a I grabbed the flip camera, handed it to Jamie and we shot the video.

Here it is…

OH– Jamie told me I should’ve put a shirt on or at least take off my gold chain. I told her– South Philly people don’t take off their gold chains!


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