Who Should Like Your Martial Arts Business on Facebook

Have you given this some thought??

Who should you want to “like” your martial arts business on Facebook?

What I mean is who should “like” your martial arts school’s business page.

And, it must be a Facebook business page.

If you’re school is set up as personal account PLEASE delete it because Facebook and the people on Facebook think you are an idiot. If your competition is set up like that make sure they keep doing what they’re doing. LOL!

In order – here’s who should like you and why…

1- Your students. DUH! You need them to be the “responsive” crowd you can interact with.

2- Friends of students, networking partners (meaning – other biz owners in your area). You need them to add that extra element of “your school is a big deal.” Interaction with non-students. Helping out your biz owner friends. It’s all good.

3- The people who you DON’T know. This group is so important because it is they who can push the time you spend on Facebook into the black.

So how do you find group #3?

They say money don’t buy friends. News Flash. On Facebook it does.

Facebook has an amazing ad platform.

You can find your ideal prospects.

If you’re smart about it – they just might turn into students. But, you have to know what you’re doing.

If you’re savvy about it you can grow your martial arts business with Facebook marketing.

Funny, the other day a school said he was using Facebook to “advertise his martial arts school.” I said… “Great, how are your Facebook Ads working?” He replied… “I’m not doing ads, I’m just using Facebook to advertise.”

Doing status updates on your page and engaging your “Likes” in conversation is NOT and SHOULD NOT be “Advertising.”