Why Your Martial Arts Business Website Must Not Stand Alone

Why Your Internet Marketing & Website Must Not Stand Alone

One of the mistakes I see martial arts business owners making is thinking their website stands alone or is separate from their other marketing and advertising efforts.

Not so! In this short article you’ll get one clear example that will certainly get you thinking differently about internet marketing.

Your website is meant to compliment other marketing media. Your website can be a very inexpensive way to “tell your whole story.” Let’s use the most simple example we can.

Let’s say that your complete marketing plan only consists of your business cards and your website. Of course if this is the case, then you really need to consider adding some more tactics to your marketing. More on that later.

So there you are. Out bee tin’ the bushes for new students.

You do some networking by attending a local “Referral groups” or a Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. You strike up a conversation by simply asking another person what business they are in.

Then, because you are a martial artist, most people become fascinated and end up asking you all kinds of questions.

As the conversation is drawing to a natural close you simply ask for their business card. They also request one of yours. If they don’t, you simply say: “trade ya?”

As you are giving them your card you passively mention that if they visit your website they can register to get a report about “The 7 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing a Martial Arts School That Can Undermine their Child’s Self-Esteem.”  Or, for MMA… A Video training program with a catchy title.

And keep in mind this wording and the web links are right on your card. Then, if they sound really interested in the report or the videos you simply say…

“Is your email address on your card? Because I can enter you in and you’ll get the videos/report emailed to you. So if you want I can handle it.”

Some will agree, others won’t, but no big deal. If you enter them or they enter themselves they are put into a follow system that will convert them to students.

Now you have a lead and a possible new member just because you realized your website does not stand alone.

There are so many other ways this works! And remember too.

This is not about plugging them into some “cookie cutter” follow up that makes you look cheesy.

 These systems are easy to build if you have the right support and guidance. Oh– and here’s news flash for you…


Please stop telling people that they will be signed up for your “newsletter!” They get enough newsletters, catchy titles are Key!