will this help you enroll more students and grow your martial arts business

Over the years I’ve spoken to numerous martial arts business owners.

I’ve talked to them in boom times and down times and one thing is always consistent.

There are always variations in how they go about their trial programs.

Face it.

Very rare you can generate a prospect and the exchange goes like this…

Prospect: How much are lessons? (that’s the common question)

Martial Arts Business Owner: It’s $139 per month and we take $239 to start

Prospect: OK, here’s my check, where do I sign?

Never happens like that.

There’s a process. And since martial arts training is based on personality and relationships, there needs to be a first date.

That’s the trial program.

But, there’s so much disparity…

Some enroll a student on a 6 month or 12 month program after 1 lesson. I did it this way for a while (my program was 12 months.)

Then, there’s the 2 intro process. I did this for a while too. Mainly because, at the time my wife was the program director and she liked this process best.

There’s also the approach of letting someone try your school for a whole month (or 2 weeks, or 3 weeks) for a small price. $29 to $99.

Guess what. I did that for a while too!

Here’s what I found…

When I switched from the one month $99 trial to enrolling students on day 1 to my 12 month program my enrollments went up and the dinero I took the bank went up too.

How could this be?

Because the less time it takes you to guide someone into becoming an “official” student of your school the more-likely you are to enroll them.

If 2 weeks goes by. Or worse, a month you lose the initial momentum.

The key really is to make some subtle tweaks to your intro process and not beat around the bush of the enrollment.

I hope this helps a little.


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