will your martial arts business lose half of its students

That’s a scary thought.

But take a look at the stats…

The U.S. Post Office tells us 12 to 22% of people move every year.

The nerve. How could they move before Black Belt?

Due to “Family & Life Circumstances” 15% have no choice (or so they think) but to change their life style.


Kids heading to college.

“Gas prices are too high, we can’t afford it anymore.”

Changes to a job situation.

The fact is your students are under a constant barrage of attacks that kill your retention, no matter how good you are.

Then, add the worst of all, dropouts… “I’m too busy.” Or, “He doesn’t like it anymore.”

Do you see where this number quickly gets to close to 50%?

So what’s the point?

1- You need to base everything on reality.

2- The mission of new student acquisition never ends.

3- Deepening of Marketing Funnels. What does that mean?


You do a special event. You end up with 15 leads. It’s not enough to call them on Monday. It’s not enough to invite them back for a special class. There must be a multi-step follow up system in place.

Right now I’m working on a 99 step follow up marketing system for a client.

You read it right – 99 steps!

Crazy? Not Really.

This guy actually HAS The Discipline to work on these things with me!

Sadly – many martial arts school owners are border-line Charlatans – because they are NOT disciplined enough to make the time to work on their business.

Sorry – no other way to put it.

If you’re in the disciplined camp. You appreciate my honesty. If you’re in the “lack of time” or “lack of knowing what to do” camp you’ll probably UN-subscribe. But that’s OK.

Anyway – I hope this email reminds you the stakes are high for all of us.

Therefor – no time for dilly-dally.

That’s all for today.

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