worst martial arts business mindset ever

Did you ever have one of those feelings as you are trying to build your martial arts business?

You know the one that says… “Something’s just not right with this?”

And then you hear someone else talk about it and articulate it in a way that makes you say…


I had one of those moments recently and then right after I actually encountered a situation where I was able to experience it – in action.

Here’s what I’m talking about and WHY YOU MUST BE CAREFUL…

While on a pretty long road trip I had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of T. Harv Eker’s, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

I’m also taking Eker’s advice and listening to it once a month for the next year.

Anything earth-shatteringly new about success and abundance found here? NO, not all, but the truth is I read an average of 1 book every 10 days not for “New Tricks” but for reminders of “Timeless Principles.”

I love when Eker says, one of the worst things anyone can say is “I’ve heard that before.” His answer: “Great, but are you living it?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard a martial arts business owner say “I’ve heard that marketing idea before…”

Anyway, back to the story…

His book is all about mindset. Eker points out how most people who are destined to struggle financially often harbor feelings of anger toward those who actively promote themselves in order to grow their businesses or careers.

When I heard him say it – I thought, “Yep, I’ve had some people ‘hate on me’ over the years.”

And I’ll admit, that on some occasions my learning curve on “subtle and smooth self-promotion” was not quite caught up to my enthusiasm about my products and services so I may have come across a little pushy. Now I do my best to bring value to the table for anyone I come in contact with.

Of course, I can bring more value to the table for my clients who are paying me.

Last Week…

Last week I got a nasty email from a martial arts business owner on our free email list. He was upset with me for sending out a reminder email. Basically, I sent one email introducing a new “free webinar” but actually screwed up and sent it a day early. So the next day I sent a reminder. My logic was that I usually don’t send emails on Sunday so I didn’t want anyone to miss it. Plus, this was good info that would be helpful martial arts marketing information to anyone who took the time to watch it.

As soon as I saw his complaint email, something to the effect of…

“Why are you sending two emails about the same thing?” and… “You are supposed to be helping me, this is not helping me!”

He went on… to tell me how I was just the same as those other martial arts business consultant hucksters out to make a fast buck. (my interpretation.)

Right away I heard Harv Eker’s voice and realized I was dealing with someone who had a very negative “Success Blueprint.”

Seriously… what an entitlement mentality! I removed the guy from my list!

One Quick Fact: I’ve been doing what I do for a while and if I was in it for a “fast buck” I’da been gone a long time ago!

3 Take-Aways…

  1. A lot of people get scared to promote themselves because they fear morons like this. DON’T fear idiots like I described above. And don’t let them hold you back. Keep doing your thang and keep talking up the benefits of your martial arts business.
  2. Watch yourself! If you find yourself falling into this mentality by getting bitter at those who are not afraid to do their best to offer value to others via self-promotion stop and give yourself a mental check up.
  3. Learn something from every situation. Even though this guy is an idiot IMHO I was reminded about how you’re only as good as your last base hit. Meaning: Yeah, he got some great ideas and tips from me and chose to subscribe, but it all takes is one thing to “un-do” some goodwill. You’re only as good as your last class.

Enjoy your week!

And don’t forget, year around martial arts marketing tools resources and ideas that work are right here for the taking…

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