Would You Fire Your Martial Arts Business Front Desk Person For This

Would You Fire Your Front Desk Person for This?

In my daily adventures I talk to martial arts busienss owners all the time who tell me…

“Mike, I am really good at keeping students once I get them.”


“Most of the people who take my intro classes end up joining my program!”

“I just need more people coming in!”

Of course, retention can always be improved – and enrollment percentages can always get better.

But Yes! If you don’t have anyone coming in – you got no one to retain.

Play a game real quick…

Imagine if you had to hire someone to handle all of your walk-ins and phone calls (for a lot of martial arts school owners – this is a reality).

Next – Imagine this…

What if you had this super-cool wiz-bang scanner at the front door. The scanner was sorta like the “body cavity search scanner” the TSA wants to use on you when you go the airport!

But this scanner was able to detect right away whether the person coming in was a new prospect or not.

It stored up all the new prospects and spit out a report at the end of each month.

NOW– the kicker– you were not allowed to talk to any of the walk-ins. It all fell on your “Front-Desk” person.

You get the report at the end of the month.

While studying it in detail you see that a total of 41 good prospects walked through the door.

You turn tomato red with anger!


Because when you count up the new students you got this month – you see that you only ended up with  two!

Only 2 out of 41 quality prospects enrolled in your school!

Would you fire your front desk person?

Maybe – or maybe not!

See, if you trained them in detail on how to handle walk-ins and turn walk-ins into enrollments you’d have to fire them because this front desk person is not following directions.

But on the other hand…

If you didn’t train them – it would really be YOUR FAULT!

Sometimes when we begin helping with a martial arts  school owner’s web marketing we can pull some stats from their server.

It is really sad – when you see this play out in really life.

Meaning –

You dig a little and find out there website was actually getting traffic. People were visiting.

BUT– since the site was set up so poorly and did not include any elements of effective on-line lead generation all those visitors never enrolled!

If you wouldn’t stand for a horrible front desk person – why would you tolerate a website that does not generate leads for you?

Further – even if your front desk person was doing “OK” – would you want them to improve?

Of course you would! Some things to think about.

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