You May Not Be A Martial Arts Expert

This one’s gonna turn some heads and maybe offend some so pay attention please…

Let me explain – Experts always have something to say…

If you’re not out there talking about how your program helps kids and families be more successful

If you’re not commenting on the latest mixed martial arts legislation –

if you’re not saying something about how to keep women in your community safe from predators –

about how to keep kids safe from strangers –

about how to stay fit and healthy for life –

about how kids can stand up to bullies without fighting…

If you’re not stepping up to the plate -if you’re not out there – YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT!

OH- yea– you may really BE an EXPERT! – you might be the

most credible school owner in your area – BUT if you’re not

“Out There” no body’s gonna know! and no one’s gonna care!

So how do you get out there?

You can start with your own students –

Then you move to crafting powerful marketing messages that hit the hot bottons of your best prospects,

(this is not really about placing “ads” so don’t get the wrong idea- but you will at times cross the line between “marketer” and “expert”-  don’t worry it’s a good thing.)

Then – you move to the media.

My long time client and Business System Platinum member, Alan Condon, is a wiz at doing this.

Just see his media page

You must give editors good story ideas and producers good segment ideas.

The best tip I can give you is just “have something to say and start saying it.”

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