You must collect these to grow your martial arts business

It always amazes me when something new comes along and automatically foolish martial arts business owner think “the older stuff” won’t work anymore or they shouldn’t be doing it.

I’m talking about blocking time each day to work the phone. It’s old school, but it is a must for your martial arts business and marketing.

  • Confirming intros
  • Confirming upgrade conferences
  • Calling missed students
  • Reaching out to referral partners

The list goes on.

You gotta block time on your schedule for phone calls.

But let’s get back to what you must be collecting…

What do you need to get?

Mobile Phone #’s

Whenever you ask for a phone number you now are better off to go for the mobile # over the home phone. You can collect phone #’s online and in person.

In surveys up to 75% of consumers said they considered their mobile phone to be their primary phone.

So be sure you are going for the mobile number- because if not, communication will be tougher.

A good idea now is to also let a scheduled intro know that you will confirm their first lesson via a call and text. Just tread carefully with the text messages. “Hi Sally, Mike from ABC Martial Arts. I look forward to seeing you, Joe and little Joey tonight at 630.”

Leverage the fact that all of your prospects have mobile phones and most use them more than their land-lines.

Call or text me if you have any questions 😉

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