Your Martial Arts Business Marketing Windows

How important are your school’s windows?

For the 10 years I operated my schools I was crazy about clean windows.

When first starting off and not having any employees or assistant instructors I was out there everyday with the squeegee.

I mastered the “Art of The Squeegee” for sure.

I’d let the pro window cleaners get at them once a week or so to make the sparkle!

Why? Well beyond the whole “clean, Disney Dojo” thing my goal was to attract on-lookers.

We wanted people watching our classes.

We wanted to give them a glimpse into our world.

A lot of the time the watching and the glimpse would turn into a walk-in inquire. That walk-in would turn into an intro. And then intro would turn into a student.

I bet you feel the same way about your school’s windows, heh?

But – there’s the problem.

There’s one HUGE window you’re covering up. You’ve got the blinds shut. It’s so dirty no one can see in.

So they don’t bother – they keep on walking.

Where’ the window?

It’s on the web.

In particular it’s called – your school’s blog.

Your school’s blog can be your online window that results in walk-ins, intros and enrollments.

But chances are you’re not doing it right.

A few ideas…

Your blog must look like the rest of your site, including…

All links on the navigation.

Offers on the side-bar to get started.

It must have…

The latest and greatest local SEO “plug-ins” installed. (most don’t have these)

All social media and share buttons.

Facebook Comments turned on.

It must not be…

“For Students Only” This is one huge mistake many schools are making right now.

OK, that’s it for now.

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