Your Martial Arts Business Phone Script Might Be Costing You Students

For years it’s been ingrained in our heads…

“The only purpose of your phone script is to book the caller for an intro or trial lesson.”

“You’ve done your job on the phone if you book the intro.”

“Once that intro is booked you’re on your way to getting a new student.”

This is a bunch of garbage that’s costing you new students!

Once upon a time I thought the same BS things. Even worse, I began to train my staff on this baloney.

It worked too – the staff was booking intro lessons with 97% of the people they talked with.

Pat yourself on the back, Mike! NOT Really!

Why? Because the “show ratios” – the number people who actually showed up for their intro lessons was dismal still.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across the “Real Purpose” of the phone script that things turned around.

Ya ready?

It’s “booking a SOLID intro lesson”-  that’s the real purpose of your phone script.

It’s those solid intro appointments that shoot your show ratios through the roof. Those high show ratios translate to more new students.

Yes – questions are still king on the phone – but this goes beyond the traditional…

“How did your hear about us?” and “Who is it for?”

Digging deep into “Why” someone wants to train is key. There are some questions you can ask that, when phrased properly, make the caller feel special. Someone who feels special is more likely to show up.

Then, there’s the silent killer…

The whole dancing around the price issue— the truth is – for the most part– giving the price over the phone will hurt your show ratios and so will dancing around it – you can’t win with either strategy.

You need to bring your call to an end with a powerful “ending statement.” This ending statement naturally brings the call to closure in the prospects mind. It also leads them to the next step, which is to show up.

So take a hard look (and listen) to your phone script – because a few small improvements might make all the difference in the world here.

I thought of this because recently I helped one of our martial arts business system clients tweak one of his phone scripts.

It made me realize that even the most savvy school owners still need some help with the phone.

That’s why I got permission from him to share this updated script with our other members this week.

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