“How to Be Just 1 of 10 School Owners in the Entire World to Get Custom Email Marketing Help For Your School From a Guy Who Has Used Email Marketing to Generate Well Over $1,000,000.00 in Revenue Since 2005.”


From Mike D.

News Flash. Email Marketing is NOT Dead.

Hopefully you didn’t believe all of those fake social media gurus several years ago who predicted the death of email marketing.

If you did believe them, don’t worry. I’m here to help you.

If you STILL haven’t figured out Email Marketing don’t worry… You’re not too late and this may very well be the most important landing page you read all week.

Here’s the story…

Back in 1998 I started my first martial arts school at the age of 18. I ran successful schools for 10 years.

I started using email marketing for my schools back in 2005.

In 2007 I opened a school from scratch that I filled with 108 students in 90 days.

Part of my initial marketing was emails to leads I had generated. Email Marketing Worked Again!

Before I turned 30… I decided to go in a different direction. I sold my schools and I entered the world of online marketing. (it was June of 2008)

I had been selling training to martial arts school owners online since 2006.

From scratch… using mostly email marketing… I enrolled just under 100 school owners in a $147/m program in 4 months.

In 2010 I transitioned my company into the digital marketing agency it is today. And we have grown steadily and organically every year since.

Since 2010 I have helped numerousclients use email marketing to efficiently bring in new business.

I still use email marketing in my own business and it has been responsible for a steady portion of our growth in the last five years.

In fact… I believe in and know the power of email marketing so much that I use email marketing every week to help my wife’s fitness business. In fact…. For her… my email marketing techniques have been responsible for directly bringing in almost 35 of her members in the last 18 months

Email marketing works.

And I’m going to let you BUY my skills so you can use them and profit… IF… you are 1 of ONLY 10 School Owners.

You can use email marketing to grow your martial arts school with my help.

The First and Only “Martial Arts Business Email Marketing Mastermind.”

Here’s how it works…

Simple Enough… I write Emails for YOU. Creating a unique voice, that will, overtime be fine-tuned to attract students to your school. This is not about… the… blah, blah… “expert content” or “auto-responders that no one reads.” This is about … what I call “Active Email Marketing.” We strategize regularly to keep your email marketing fresh and flowing. It’s based on your school and your unique value.

We combined these fresh, weekly emails with solid landing pages meant to convert.

AND… we change the landing pages out each month to match your marketing.

Up until now… My email marketing help has only been available to platinum level clients.

BUT… with this new program I am opening my brain, fingers, keyboard and years of email marketing experience to 10… JUST 10 School Owners. Here’s how it works…

To get my brain working on your email marketing AND… for my team to create high-converting landing pages for you is ONLY $339 to start and $339/m.

Sure… I know… MANY will look at that price and say… “I can’t afford that.” That’s cool. It’s not for you.

This Email Marketing Mastermind is for School Owners who have resources and are constantly growing.

It is for school owners who understand and appreciate the value of what I am offering.

In fact. I won’t tolerate ANY BS. And I won’t accept school owners with the wrong mindset.

In this special group… you get…

  • Access to my 12 years of email marketing experience.
  • Email Marketing Done for You. Custom to Your School.
  • Landing Pages Done for You Each Month that Will Be Changed Regularly to Match Your Marketing.
  • Access to the Collective Brain of the Group.
  • Email Examples

What else can you expect?

  • Your School WILL Command Attention in a Cluttered In-Box.
  • Your School Will Be Frequent and Top of Mind.
  • Your School Will Stand Out from the Crowd.
  • You Will Never Have to Write Anything.
  • How to Destroy Your Competition by Becoming an Email Marketing Ninja.
  • You Will Begin Collecting More and More Leads for Your School.
  • You Will Bring in MORE New Students.


$339 to Start and $339/m

Get Serious About Your Marketing. Lock Down a Spot..

Here’s where to grab your spot…

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