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Yes, there’s a lot of information available to the martial arts business owner! It can be overwhelming … Where to begin? … Where to focus your time an effort?

The truth is your martial arts business will not grow without effective marketing.

To bring in a steady flow of new martial arts students to your school you need a plan. You need a plan that will adjust with changing market conditions.

Ideas are the lifeblood of growing your martial arts school - but implementing those marketing ideas is what separates the truly successful martial arts business owner from the one who never reaches their full potential.

Martial Arts Business System can help…

We combine direct response marketing, community based marketing, internal marketing and Internet marketing to give you a well rounded approach to growing your martial arts business.

Check out our site, read our blog and grab some of our free martial arts marketing audios and be on your way to growing your school!

“How to Master The Martial Art of Internet Marketing”

  • Discover What it Takes to Really Get Students from Your Website and How to Measure It
  • How to Win The “Search Engine Battle”
  • The Big Problem With “Cookie Cutter” Websites
  • The Truth About Social Media

“The ‘Insider Secrets’ of Six Figure School Owners”

  • How to Net 120K Per Year as A Martial Arts Business Owner
  • How to Market Your Martial Arts Business & Make New Students Chase You
  • How to Keep More of Your Students from Dropping Out

“The Upgrade System That Never Fails”

  • Non Slick, Non Sales Ways to Get Most of Your Students on Your BBC or Masters Club
  • The 3 Things That MUST Happen BEFORE a Student Can Be Upgraded

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“How to Master The Martial Art of Internet Marketing"
“The ‘Insider Secrets’ of Six Figure School Owners”
"The Upgrade System That Never Fails"
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